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Men, who are you? Are you a husband, father, entrepreneur, employee, or employer? Do people say you are a good man or a bad man? Are you respected, feared or despised? Are you a man of integrity or a snake slithering through the world doing low down and dirty things waiting for an opportunity to take advantage of anyone not paying attention? Who are you? What will your legacy be?

You may have been popular in high school and you may have even been a superstar in college but after those days are over is when you begin to see who you really are. For most men, in their teens they are identified by their strengths and weaknesses. In their 20’s they are calming their egos, creating their opportunities, and developing group dynamics. In other words, finding where they belong? After a young man leaves the covering of their parents, that’s when life as we know it, really starts. Controlling your own life could start right after high school, right after college, right after med or law school or right after trade school, basically when you get a grown man’s job with benefits. Whenever it starts, that’s when you begin to get a foothold in where you belong, who you are, and what you think you want to be. For some of us, we start out wanting one thing and discover another opportunity on an entirely different path but it yields great results. Be flexible.

When I was 16, still riding a bicycle but driving my mom to work on some days, I discovered a new mega Post Office being built and I spoke the words to my friend, “I’m going to work there.” As life would have it and as you speaketh, so it is, I was working for the United States Postal Service at age 18. Words have power and when said with intent and emotion, words can take on a life of its own, even unbeknownst to you. So be careful of the words you speak over your life. Stay away from negative words that you might say just playing around. If you say something negative, change it to something positive. Keep your life on a positive path and you do that by speaking positivity on yourself throughout your life.

So men, you are who you say you are. If you are saying things that are good, that are honest, that are pure and that are true, then other people know who you are. On the contrary, if you are saying things that are lies, dishonest and bad then other people know who you are as well.

Men, prepare your lives to be like an older, family man that you admire. Reach out to get advice from one that has a proven track record. Meticulously choose a life partner to share your struggles with and build something together: a family, a business, and financial stability. Surround your life with love, happiness and find peace with yourself as you grow older. Be a man of integrity, constantly evolving with the times, conscious of your health, securing wealth, spewing wisdom and a life others would want to emulate. Speak it, believe it and it will be so.

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