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Gospel Hallelujah

Airs Sunday's at 3pm

Join Pastor Harold Ford and Prophetess Deborah Ford as they minister to the world with their playlist of Gospel hits and abbreviated sermons that lift the spirit and fill your heart.

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Jazz At Ms Connie's House

Airs Monday's at 7pm

Join Dashing Dale Dey as he brings the smoothest jazz and the coolest guest to the air waves.  Dale brings jazz you may never have heard before and wonder why haven't I ever heard this.  Well, you don't have to wonder anymore, just tune in and listen in every Monday night for 4 hours of nothing but pure jazz.  

Stay In The Word 

Airs Tuesday's at 5pm

Join Pastor Larry Hordge as he preaches straight from the word of God.  His divine ministry reaches the soul and stirs the spirit to get those that are fading from the word, back on track.  Listen in on Tuesday nights to get over the hump on Wednesdays.

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The Life Malcolm Show

Airs Tuesday's at 6pm

Join in on Tuesday to listen to words of wisdom, revolution and revitalization of the spirit of man.  Life brings to the podcast world a spirited diatribe of a collection of words and phrases that dance around the heart and mind of those looking for enlightenment.

Power Moves

Airs Tuesday's at 8pm

Joël J. Sylvain a Power networker from Brooklyn, NY has worked in the Music, Action Sports, Technology and various industries. Joël is a Philanthropist, Public Speaker & Master Networker. The Co-host is Kevin Carr, CEO of PRO2CEO, a transition and business development consulting firm for elite and former athletes, artists and enterprising organizations. 

Tampa Bay Politics

Airs Wednesday's at 11am

Tune in to Tampa Bay Politics, Tampa’s most dynamic political talk show where we inspire you, inform you, and present you with the issues YOU need to know.

Let's Talk Business w/SJC

Airs Wednesday's at 12:31pm

Tune in with Sherryl J. Cusseaux and her star studded co-hosts that will get all up in your business. Tampa’s most dynamic talk show business host has all that you need to be informed, in tuned and in touch with the latest happenings in and around your community.


The Hayes Exchange

Airs Thursday's at 7pm

The HayesXChange is a podcast and platform dedicated to sharing the experiences of people of color who have traveled abroad beyond the boundaries of tourism. We hope to provide our audience with the tools and resources to see themselves in spaces overseas where they can make a global impact.

Trap Talk

Airs Thursday's at 8pm

From corporate American to entrepreneurship, Madame CJ has gone back to her roots in the trap.  She discovers what's going on in the trap each week with her co-host, Ricc D.  Exploring the minds of millennials with music and rhyme, you will have a great time listening in the trap.  And if you're not listening then she will have you Painting In The Trap!


Straight Up the Middle

Airs Saturday's at 10am

The Professor and The Good Attorney, a moderate Republican and a conservative Democrat go straight up the middle every Saturday mornings with national politics, controversy, trials and triumphs of being Black in America. 

The SOUL Purpose

Airs Saturday's at 11 am

Co-hosts Keith and Attorney Monica Harris explore their soul purpose and your soul purpose for living in today's time.

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