General Overview

Daryl Johnson, Tampa Bay Tammy and the entire N-TOUCH News family extend their gratitude for your support of the Power Couples' Ball.   This year's star-studded formal affair will talk place on New Years Eve at the luxurious Floridan Palace Hotel in downtown  Tampa Bay.

Thank you for joining us in starting the new year prayerfully, powerfully and in love!!!


Here's what they said...

Kassidy Johnson took a moment to interview some of our Power Couples to see how they enjoyed this year's 10th Anniversary Event!

Just in case you missed it...

Enjoy these photos from the

2019 Power Couples' Ball!

pcb-1 2018.jpg

We're so excited to be selected as the 2018 Power Couple of the Year! We hope to see you at this year's event!

Drs. Jomo & Charmaine Cousins

2018 Power Couple of the Year

PCB Dinner_edited.jpg
Moffitt Social 10-24-22 730x90.jpg