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Dear Girlfriend,

   I am dreading Thanksgiving.  Every year my in-laws come and stay for a week. It would not be so bad if they were not the type to sit around waiting for me to serve them. I love to have company and we entertain all the time, but when they come, they act like I am their maid. They always say, “I am on vacation and I am not doing anything.”  They act like they are oblivious to the fact that I am not on vacation and my workload has increased with their presence.  I feel if they stay a week, every year they should not expect to be treated like guests, but like family because they are.  When my mom comes she is helpful, but when they come, they wait for me to prepare dinner after I get off work.  To make matters worse, they have all this stuff they cannot eat because of their diabetes.   

  My mother-in-law always wants me to take her shopping on Black Friday.  I offered her my car but she does not want to drive because she doesn’t know her way around.  Well I try to stay out of the stores because I know I can’t afford to shop.  She stays in the stores entirely too long and I always end up spending what I don’t have.  Then she wants to go to the Casino and that’s another letter.  I wish she would be more independent. I still have my children’s heads to comb.  I still have to run the children to practice and prepare Thanksgiving dinner.  How do I handle this? I told my husband and he has said nothing to his family.  I think I am going to scream!!

A Stressed Daughter-in-law

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Dear A Stressed Daughter-in-Law,

   First let’s thank God your children have grandparents that are still alive and mobile.  Grandparents are an essential part of the village when it comes to raising kids.  Secondly, stop acting like superwoman!

   You cannot change them but you can change yourself.  This Thanksgiving, be proactive instead of reactive.  Call your mother-in-law and tell her you are so glad she is coming because you are tired and need some help.  Ask if she can cook a few of her special dishes this year.  I bet she would be glad to contribute, everyone wants to be needed.  Tell her she can take you to work and keep your car if she wants to go to the casino or Black Friday because you are going to use this week to rest.

  Be sweet, stay sweet and thank God you have a mother -in-law who loves to visit you.  This also means you and your husband can run off together because you have a baby sitter.  You are too blessed to be stressed.

Special note to in-laws and holiday guests.  Make sure when you go visit you are good and fun company and not additional work.  Make up your bed, take turns cooking breakfast and offer to wash dishes sometimes without being asked, before you stop getting invited and for the holidays and they start taking trips away instead that don’t include you.  no one wants to do all the work ...ever!

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