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Dear Girlfriend, 

My friend called and said she saw your facebook post about the  Mayweather fight.  She was all hyped and said, “let’s go.”  She added that everything was so expensive and if we could find one more person to go, we could afford it. Well I called a few of my girlfriends to see if they wanted to go.  2 said yes. I was happy, that meant we could split the room 4 ways. I found a nice room (a junior suite) on South Beach which was about 20 minutes away from the fight and 20 minutes the other way from the Hardrock Casino where the weigh in was.  When I told her she was ecstatic and everyone agreed on what we had to pay.  She asked me to call and charge the tickets on my credit card too and said she would give me my money when she saw me.  I told her, “no, let’s just wait until we get there to purchase our tickets just in case something went wrong or in case we met someone and got better seats at a better price.”  Furthermore, I didn’t want all that on my credit card. We all agreed to the plan.  My other friend agreed to drive because she had the newest, nicest 4 door car and we would split the gas. Well after all that, my girlfriend who initiated the whole trip pulled out because some guy she just started talking to said he did not want her to go and that he had plans for them. 

    I told her we were going anyway because it was too late to cancel and even if we did a no show, my card would still be charged..  I reminded her that I got that expensive room based on her paying her 4th. So she still had to pay her portion. I also told her I would be by to get her 1/4 for the room before we left.   She caught an attitude and said she felt she did not owe me anything because she was not going, nor staying in the room.   I told her she did because I still had to pay because it was on my card and could not cancel...duh!.  After that she did not answer the phone.  We have been friends for a long time so I went by her place on our way out anyway, just in case she changed her mind. She always does.  However, she did not answer the door but I saw her car. 

We all agreed on the trip based on our portion.  Girlfriend she has a better job than me and gets child support from her ex who played pro ball. Everyone had figured out their portion and how much we would spend and based our decision on what we had agreed on. So now I am in  the hole for her portion. They all handed me my money when they got in my car.   Girlfriend, she is your biggest fan.  What is your stance?            Fight Friend






Dear Fight Friend,

   I understand your position. She knows she is wrong but probably was hoping you and the other girls would split it 3 ways and let her off.  Yes it is her bill. No one rises to low expectations.  Don’t get angry and curse her out, that’s just a way of letting her off the hook.  Then She will have an excuse to be mad, play mad and not give you anything. So stand your ground,calmly and let her conscious handle her.  Give her a minute to recognize the error of her ways and she will pay you, if she is your true friend and values your friendship.  I bet she will have your money before your credit card is billed.

  This is why I am extremely picky when it comes to travel buddies. For years I have traveled with friends and split our hotel rooms 2, 3, 4 ways.  I  have had access to some of the best events and every one always wanted to go.  I have had my  share of ladies that meant well but still pulled out leaving  me holding tickets, their promised share of the hotel room, expenses on my credit card and dinner checks.  So now I don’t play with my money.  Lesson learned.

   Now I don’t hold tickets for anyone. I don’t care how much money they claim to have.  I require everyone to pay up front before we leave the city and pay for everything before I charge a dime on my credit card.  I don’t care how inconvenient it is or what excuse they make.  Stay sweet. Your friend will come to her senses and give you your money.

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