Dear Girlfriend,

    Well, it’s back to school time and I have never been so conflicted in my entire life.   In my house there are 3 boys and 1 girl.  My husband works from 3:30 til midnight and sometime until 2am.  I’m an Economist by trade and I work from home but I used to go in at 9:00am.  My job requires me to use my analytical skills and my computer skills.  My husband supervises about 30 people and he complains about “babysitting” all night long.  So imagine trying to homeschool kids ages, 10, 11, 13, and 15.  My daughter is 13 years old and she is beginning to blossom, if you know what I mean but she’s emotional all the time.  Their combined energy can be a force to reckon with, but individually I can handle them.  My husband can handle their collective energy but individually he doesn’t do that well.  

  Homeschooling is the biggest challenge either one of us has ever attempted on top of our jobs.  We are afraid to send our kids to school but we got to do something soon.  We really want to homeschool but the challenge may be too much.  What do you think we should do?

Signed, Bout to loose it! 

Dear About to Lose It, 

Please don’t  lose it. We don’t need you putting out 4 half raised dumb delinquents.  So  stay strong and open minded and know that you can do this.

 Start your day with scripture “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” and a kiss for hubby.   

Make sure your children  are healthy and send them back to school as soon as possible.  Germs are every where and your children have to have a fighting chance.  If they are not healthy, not eating right, or too fat you may need to keep them home a little longer until you get them in  check. We should all be working on our hearts lungs and our immune systems to fight this virus.  A healthy regimen should begin with daily walks or runs in the sun.  We must get that natural vitamin D and eat something green everyday and drink something hot every night. 

   Remember to laugh dance, and be creative. Play as a family and require all the family to participate. Put up a volleyball net and or basketball goal  With todays technology, home schooling can be so much more fun and easier, if you do not get stuck on traditionalism. .. Let’s start with you writing a schedule every Sunday evening for the week and keeping a folder on each of your children with dates..  Play Scrabble, monopoly or any game that stimulates the brain. Have daily movie time, watch Jurassic park or any movie that teach children the need to be obedient so parents can save their lives.  Now is a great time to incorporate the old Disney movies in their education from  the youngest to the oldest.  They are excellent teaching tools.  Our all time favorite was Hook, Bambi, All Dogs Go To Heaven and Alladin. Some are love stories that your teens will love (whether they admit it or not) with  plenty of adult humor that will go right over the younger ones head but the older kids will get.   Have them to pick who their favorite character is and why, discuss it .  Always ask who is the villain ( the antagonist)  who is the the hero  or shero (protagonist).  This is chance to develop character in your children and to influence how they view the world. It’s your job to raise productive positive citizens and prepare them for the next level of life. Require all of them to write a paper on the lesson they learn immediately after each movie  Have them read their papers out loud and then you check for errors. Once you check them have them to rewrite it and put in their folder. .

     Have the kids make grocery list  (spelling) and guess the cost of each item and the cost of grocery. Assign the oldest ones a day to prepare a meal, to bake and the youngest to assist reading recipes. Use the History channel, talk about current news and history at the  dinner table.  Try not to be too hard on each other.   This is by far the best time to know your child. Take advantage of it. 

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