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Dear Girlfriend,

My wife and I attended a ball a few years back and we totally enjoyed ourselves.  I think it was the last one before the pandemic at the Hyatt.  It was  in September or October.  Thus, we were surprised to find the ball was going to be on New Years Eve. Regretfully we will not be in attendance this year because we already have  plans to travel out of the country.  Otherwise we would be there.

My wife and I were discussing the ball and some of the past winners and we were wondering what a couple has to do to be recognized in such high esteem.  


The Traveling Couple

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Dear Traveling Couple,

At the Power Couples Ball, we like to honor couples who are thriving and surviving while maintaining their families respectfully and legitimately in the community because we know that is no easy feat.  The selection begins with someone thinking enough of you to nominate you for the Power Couple of the Year.

  The prospective couple must be married at least 12 years. We try to consider and speak with everyone that is nominated to see where their feelings are on marriage.  We don’t care if it’s your first or second marriage, but do require you to believe this time it’s forever.

   Secondly we try to confirm you will be in attendance.  We know that powerful people have busy lives.  However, you can’t be recognized if you are not there.  There’s no fun and thrill in that.  So, once your attendance is confirmed, you can be considered a candidate for the Power Couple of the Year.  Like the lotto slogan  “You must be in it to win it.”   We make our selection at least a month out, because awards have to be personally engraved and delivered in advance.

   When making decisions, We goggle your name, accept input from past winners, and loyal respected participants.

   In the past, we would try to surprise the couple but have found that we ended up being surprised ourselves with a no show!  That’s why last minute decisions on attendance don’t usually work for being chosen Power Couple of the Year.  Once chosen we always tell the better half to ensure they have no other plans or obligations.

   One year we only had one half of the Power couple so we decided that could not happen ever again.  We concluded that we needed to   speak with the nominee to make sure they are both available and preferably table host, ensuring their full participation with family and friends.

   The Power Couples Ball is a ministry for me. The original theme is “staying in love and keeping our community strong.”

I actually founded the Power Couples Ball in 2009 after the loss of my son in a car accident in 2008 coming home from college.   I  experienced the stress that the loss of a child could do to a marriage and decided to redirect that pain and energy into something positive;  saving marriages and saving our sons.

  The Power Couples Ball is date night at its best.  So I try to choose a Couple who is not there just for the award (I see that as pretentious and self serving) but instead a couple who is genuinely there for an elegant evening with other successful like minded individuals as we continue in “Connecting Powerful People to do Powerful Things”

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