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Vice President Harris

A bold move was made by democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden on August 11, selecting California Attorney General, Kamala Harris as his running mate. What a historic day for women around the world and especially women of color. Finally, the U.S. has a forward momentum with this presidential election.

The United States has always been a melting pot but always subjected to glass ceilings. Well on Tuesday, several glass ceilings were cracked. Senator Kamala Harris is a many of firsts, as a VP candidate.

As the daughter of immigrants, with her parents being from India and Jamaica, she is the first Black woman to be selected. She is the first HBCU graduate, Howard University to be specific. She is the First Black Greek. Kamala is a member of the greek sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha. She is also a member of the social organization of prestigiousBlack women, the LINKS.

For the past three and a half years we have had such a backwards feel to the country that it is exciting to know that we have a forward thinking presidential candidate that can actually make America great again. Seems crazy for me to use Trump’s slogan for Joe Biden but it is truly appropo. after Trump attempted to dismantle every advancement made by President Obama as well as our governmental agencies all while courting Russian dictator Vladimir Putin,

As an African American we have always been held to a higher standard to be considered or included in high places. Kamala has been the best as she has aggressively fought to win in all aspects of her professional life.

So, what will it mean to have an African American as Vice President of the United States of America? From a historical perspective we can look back on what it meant to have an African American as President. When Barack Obama became President, twice, he gave the country a spirit of change and hope. Joe Biden and Kamala bring a second wave of the dynamic duo kind of thing that Joe and Barack had, A Kamala Harris selection has reignited a spirit of hope and unity.

I think about Ta-nihisi Coates book, “We Were 8 years In Power”. We are on the precipice of having 8-12 more years of power and the possibilities are endless. You will see a return of America’s leadership on the world’s stage. You will see an increase for inclusion of African American men and people of color in true decision making positions to right ship our country. I believe Elizabeth Warren and Susan Rice will have powerful positions in this administration. You will see a phenomenal push in the African American community to gain footing in an unprecedented manner. We will see an increase in the Democratic Party from men and women jumping ship from the Republican and Independent parties. Make no mistake that while the Democratic Party is the progressive party of the 21st century, it will take more than being in power to change the systemic issues that affect people of color. However this is a damn good start. WE MUST VOTE!

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