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Urban League of Hillsborough County

The Urban League of Hillsborough County (ULHC) is a practicing nonpartisan organization. It will neither endorse or support any candidate, political party, politically motivated group or PAC. However, the ULHC needs and wants the support of elected officials to attain and support its mission of “Assisting the African American and Minority Communities to attain economic equity.

In an effort to attain the position of each candidate seeking office, the ULHC mailed, emailed and or called each candidate seeking office to serve Hillsborough County constituents a survey. The ULHC did not query any candidate who in the performance

of their elected duties would not sit in Hillsborough County or Tallahassee.

Queried Topics:

 Systemic Financial Barriers

 Escalating Penalties

 Diversity and Inclusion

 Exclusionary Gentrification

 Funding for Public Schools

 Teaching of History in its Entirety

 Position on Charter Schools

 Position on Community Schools

 The role of government in providing/assisting with the attainment of Affordable Housing

 Rent Control

 Integration of Skill Based Training for all high schools

 John Lewis Voting Rights Bill

 Mass Transportation

The below listed candidates saw the need to respond:

 Damaris Allen

 Angela Birdsong

 Rep. Fentrice Driscoll

 Roshaun Gendrett

 Nancy Jacobs

 Karen Perez

 Rep.Wengay Newton

 Dr. Belinda Noah

 Jen McDonald

If you would like to see their responses or the questions, please share your request for either to The intention of our share is to assist you in your selection of the candidates who support your desires and position.


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