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The Beautillion Experience

Members of The Links celebrated their 36th Annual The Beautillion Experience event at the University Holiday Inn in Memphis. What a great time my wife, TampaBay Tammy and I had at the table of State Senator Raumesh Akbari of Tennessee.

This prestigious event has been a cornerstone in the community for over three decades, has continually celebrated the achievements and potential of young African American men, guiding them towards leadership, academic excellence, and civic responsibility through a meticulously designed mentorship program.

Dressed in their finest attire, this year's cohort of Beaux—talented young men who embarked on a journey of growth and discovery, highlighted their accomplishments, aspirations, and the transformative journey they undertook.

The Beautillion Experience, underscores the importance of excellence and leadership in the African American community which made the message clear: these young men were not just the leaders of tomorrow; they were leaders today, poised to make a difference in their communities and beyond.

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