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Scouts are watching Tampa’s Own #24, Tyson Ward

Tyson Ward , a senior at North Dakota State University, received Summit Conference Player of the Week and is one of the most sought after players in his division. Tyson is a product of the Tampa Bay Community and known to be a player that plays with passion and energy. Tyson graduated from Tampa Prep in 2016, where he was a 1st Team All-State performer.

As a kid, Tyson became a student of the game modeling himself after one of his favorite players, Kobe Bryant and his father Chris Ward. Tyson has worked hard to develop the same Mamba Mentality or approach to the game as Kobe. He even took it as far as wearing the number 24 and always playing in a pair low top Kobe sneakers. “I always thought that Tyson was wearing number 24 because I wore it in high school” says his dad Coach Chris Ward who is a former professional player, and presently 5 year district champ Coach at Hillsborough High School in Tampa. Chris Ward is also Co-Founder of The Skills Center.

His dad proudly shares, “Tyson was recruited by North Dakota State University, has led the Bisons in points, rebounds and assists. He finished with 27 points, 11 rebounds and 6 assists vs. North Dakota on Jan. 19, and followed up with 24 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists at South Dakota State on Jan. 22.

Ward made 11 field goals in both games setting, and then tying, a new career-high.

Tyson Ward is No. 2 in the league (21.2 points per game, Ward is averaging 19.3 points, 8.1 rebounds, and shooting 60 percent from the field.

On Record with 1200 Points, 600 Rebounds: Tyson Ward is one of only 10 players in North Dakota State history to achieve that in their college career in Division I.

Top 25 Talent: Tyson Ward ranks among NDSU’s all-time Top 25 in career points (22nd), rebounds (11th), and assists (17th).

Tyson has definitely developed that Mamba Mentality not just to better himself but to make the people around him better as well.

Tyson has conversations with his father daily about defining ones greatness. He has learned that to define his greatness he has to possess the ability to make others better as well. This is something that he has learned from his father and watching Kobe.

Tyson has also watched Kobe off the court as a man. The part where Kobe gives back to his community and is always looking for ways to make an impact in peoples lives. He told his father that Kobe Bryant not only was a great basketball player but he was a great man and person. Tyson was mesmerized by Kobe’s ability to have an impact on people’s lives that he never met or had a personal relationship with. Kobe was like a super hero to Tyson, a super hero with positive powers.

North Dakota State University made a nice run last season finishing the season to become Summit Conference Champs and land a spot in the NCAA tournament losing to Duke. Tyson is looking forward to leading the NDSU Bisons back to the NCAA tournament again as he embarks on what he calls his Kobe Tour.

Next stop for Tyson will be graduation from North Dakota State University on May 16th 2020 with a degree in Business Finance and a chance to be an NBA player.

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