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Rapper, Entrepreneur Wes McKay of Florida

A competition was held giving artists the opportunity to perform in a Super Bowl virtual concert in Tampa with exposure to 300,000 plus viewers. Those viewers will vote for their favorite artist to perform at the B.E.T. Awards in Los Angeles on June 15th all expenses paid.

Wes McKay, a 29 year old Pensacola rapper submitted his song, “The Dash” on December 4, 2020, which had recently been #1 on Spotify. Wes was notified that he was one of the 5 artists eligible to win the $10,000 stimulus package. Wes performed in Tampa Bay with his music label partner 4eva 4way.

When asked about his Super Bowl experience, Wes responded, “The Superbowl weekend was amazing. I saw and met famous people for the first time. I now have the feeling that this can and will be my life. It was a great feeling and I am so very grateful to God that HE has blessed me with my talents.

Wes attended Pensacola High School and is the founder of N.S.G (No Surprise Gang) Label. If you missed his super Bowl performance Wes McKay and 4eva 4way are scheduled to perform at the Coast to Coast Concert in Miami, Florida.

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