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Making A Difference While Enjoying Your life

Most successful people work hard but they play hard too. If that’s you, giving back to the community can be fun while simultaneously having your social life.

Enjoying your life and supporting non profits can go hand and hand. Dinner and dancing with like minded people is at the top of my list of fun things to do. My wife ,Tampa Bay Tammy, and I pride ourselves in staying active in the community, supporting Black businesses and Black non profits.

For two years I worked as a Loaned Executive with United Way and was very effective in getting my co workers to donate monthly from their checks. However, the list of non-profits provided for us to donate to routinely did not have our small local non profits on the list. The big non profits such as the American Cancer Society, St Jude, or Red Cross were always front and center. The small non profits desperately need your support too.

So how do small nonprofits get their donations? From soliciting you for donations and putting on annual fund raisers. Large conglomerates usually make annual tax deductible donations. So, if you are in a position of power to make those types of decisions for your employer don’t forget to add our small nonprofits to your charitable list.

October, November and December have quite a few fun filled events that can entertain you while blessing the community. Mark your calendars and make plans to enjoy yourself while you are partying and if you have more to give, then please do.

The CDC of Tampa is hosting its annual gala and is already sold out. The Skills Center is hosting their 4th annual Sneakers Ball and needs your support too. They have embarked on the quest of purchasing and renovating a 32,200-square foot building located in the heart of Tampa on 22nd Street which cost them 13 million and need 2 million more to reach their goal. Please join us at the Sneakers Ball on November 5th. It is always fun with sports celebrities in the mix.

The Tampa Alumni Kappas and The Guide Right Foundation is hosting their annual Golf Classic at the beautiful Plantation Palms Golf Club. If you are a good golfer, come on out. There will be some great prizes and if you just enjoy a friendly game of hacking and whacking that’s all good too. Just come on out and join us in a leisurely morning of talking smack. It’s for a worthy cause. We support young men going to college with scholarship and mentorship.

After the loss of our son Braxton in 2008 coming home from college, my wife started the Power Couples Ball and I started the Braxton Daryl Johnson Foundation and The Last Mile Scholarship. Together we raise money to pay for young men in their last year of college.

The Power Couples Ball focuses on saving marriages all while “Connecting Powerful people to do powerful things.” Evening gowns and tuxedos are required and this year we are asking the men to wear white gloves. Always remember “Your money has power, be conscious who you give your power to” . Peace!

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