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Everyone knows how an autocracy or dictatorship works, one person running everything, the strong over the weak, the rich over the poor. It took 250 years to build this democracy and just 4 years to almost destroy it.

Due to the imminent threat on our democracy, This election had the largest turnout in history. President elect Joe Biden got 7 million more votes than Donald Trump and 306 Electoral votes to win the Presidency. Elections moving forward will continue with larger turnouts.

As an African American, living in an uncloaked White supremacy society this is not comfortable, nor a safe disposition for my family and me. If you ask me, on a scale of one to ten on where we are as far as a white supremacist society is concerned. I would say we are about a seven. If you are someone of color, I would imagine that you feel the stress of living in a country led by an overt white supremacist.

The elections have revealed, seventy four million on the right have voted to keep Trump in control. Until the actions of domestic terrorists shown with the attack on the Capitol. ignorance was bliss. they could pretend racism didn’t exist and Blacks were over reacting. Recognize some still want to continue down the path of insurrection, a take over of the country, forever to be run by the radicals.

From 1975 to 2015 we had 40 years of our children and our children’s children truly being a part of this society’s melting pot. Since integration, some of their hearts have blended with different cultures from which they have grown to identify as American. While most hearts bleed purple, others believe the old adage, “might over right’ and they call that belief, American.

So what do we need to do now?

In the immortal words of President Barack Obama, “elections have consequences”, these words were exemplified by the unrest of the last four years under the Trump Administration.

United, Democrats are 81 million strong and must vote to maintain control of the government for at least the next 20 years until they can change the hearts of the children of the 74 million.

Now that Democrats know voting is what it takes to take control of the House, Senate and Presidency, it is incumbent that socially conscious humanitarians maintain control.

What is the right thing? If money is your motivator then you probably have an affinity to Trump hanging around because your 401K or your investment accounts look pretty doggone good. Selfish reasons outweigh the moral inclination of some to do the right thing. The right seems to have followed the path of immorality and debasement. If you are on the left, the right thing for you is to maintain control of the House and Senate. Keeping the left in control of state and local governments will help with proper legislation that will benefit ALL people instead of just the wealthy few. The left wants to be associated with doing the right thing.

While different cultures may not agree on everything, what can be agreed upon is that America is of the people, for the people and by the people. For those on the left that want to maintain control, you must continue to vote in ALL ELECTIONS, no matter how large or small for at least the next 20 years. The left has to continue winning the hearts and minds of children on the left and the hearts and minds of the children on the right because children are our future and are very impressionable. A continual dose of goodness in America will help to influence all our children in voting for what is good for all the people. You will get that in a Biden/Harris Administration.

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