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Kappa Konclave Photos 2023 in Kappa Bay

As a Kappa man, I am still in awe! The Kappa Conclave was the largest attended in our history, next to our centennial celebration. I am just proud to be able to say I was on the planning committee of Programs and Events. Thanks to the vision of Henry Bell, the fund raising ability of Dr. B. Lee Green, the financial astuteness of Fred Robinson, the leadership of our Polemarch Collis Ivery, III, the organizational skills of David Christian, the strategy of Jeanette Hordge-Smith of Dash Marketing, and the behind the scene help of a number of unnamed brothers, the Tampa Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi brought an economic impact to Tampa that exceeded $30 million dollars in July 2023. On that Thursday night was the Krimson (red) Takeover party, at The Gathering in Armature Works. Friday was the Kulture Jam, our All White party at the Florida Aquarium. Saturday was our Black Party at the JW Marriott. Truly epic.

Coming on the heels of a travel ban issued by the National NAACP, the men of Kappa Alpha Psi held a week long of activities without incident. We didn’t expect an incident of any kind and were pleased with the absence of a police presence at any of our events. It says the City of Tampa expected exactly what they got, which was 20,000 educated Black men having a great time in this great city on the bay. It was indeed Kappa Bay!

The men of Omega Psi Phi will be here in 2024 as they have already signed the contracts to host their national meeting. The men of Alpha Phi Alpha are taking their money elsewhere in 2025 and have decided to pull out of Florida because of Desantis’ attacks on Black history and books. Pick up a copy of our print edition for the photo gallery.


Photos by Jerry Brunson Photography


Photos by Jerry Brunson Photography

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