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Former Buccaneer’s Swash-Buc-Ler Starring in ABC Series “Women of the Movement”


– One former Tampa Bay Buccaneers Swash-Buc-Ler turned actress, Vivian Fleming-Alvarez is starring in the new ABC limited series “Women of the Movement” based on the true story of Emmett Till and Mamie Till-Mobley.

The King High School Alumni and local business owner of the VFA Acting and Performance

Studio is starring as Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Wright, aunt of Emmett Till, in the limited series produced by Shawn Carter aka Jay Z and Will Smith. This six-part series divulges into the 1955 brutal murder of 14-year-old Emmett Till in Mississippi during the Jim Crow era. FlemingAlvarez is appearing in episodes 1, 2, 3, and 6 of the show.

Vivian Alvarez on the right.

“It was my honor to portray Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Wright in Women of the Movement. “The importance of telling this story today is to serve as a mirror. A mirror that reflects the lessons we haven’t yet learned. It’s my hope that if really look at what this family endured, with an open heart and open mind, then our nation - even the world, can start the necessary healing we need in order to really experience the gift of humanity.” said Fleming-Alvarez.

In September 2020, Fleming-Alvarez opened the VFA Acting and Performance Studio to pass along the collective knowledge she gained on the industry after years of auditioning (on-tape and in-person), driving across states for call-backs, and deciphering the casting jargon.

“I hope to save other aspiring actors months of trial and error by providing these tools and skills,” said Vivian Fleming-Alvarez. “I want to demystify working in the entertainment business while encouraging others to pursue their dreams, no matter where you are in life.”

All aspiring actors should reach out to Vivian and sign up for classes.


Instagram: @vfa_acting_studio

“Dedicated to developing meta-performing Actors!”

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