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Fire Your Boss!

Ann Thompson is a God-sent servant with over 35 years of experience in the field of real estate. Ann is now offering others an opportunity to join the elite society of Real Estate professionals. In a few well spent weeks of in depth training YOU can complete your real estate course, take your test, and become a real Estate licensee. Then, sign with the broker of your choice and start your new career.

Ann R. Thompson, Master of Science of International Real Estate, Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer of Painite International School of Real Estate, Speaker, and graduate of the National Speakers Academy is a phenomenal instructor. As an instructor, she has worked with various real estate schools and conducted several real estate sales training workshops for Brokerages. Ann co-authored the “How to Soar in Sales” training course and created a highly used real estate Boot Camp. In addition to teaching Florida required pre and post-licensing courses, Ann is a Faculty Instructor with Florida REALTORS®.

The Greater Tampa REALTORS® awarded Ann with its Pedagogy Award for her valuable knowledge, instructional skills, and abilities to bring forth higher professional standards, and member satisfaction. Ann Thompson earned a Gold Standard Instructor Certification from the Real Estate Educators Association.

Ann has served on several committees with her Local Association and Florida REALTORS®. She currently serves as a Director for Greater Tampa REALTORS® and Florida REALTORS®.

Ann is very active in the community. She received the Speaker of the Year Award from the Hillsborough County Public School Board. Ann serves as a Board member for a non profit youth organization Visions of Destiny, that encourages critical thinking, and a positive mindset.

The degrees, the accolades, and 3 decades of experience were inspired early by childhood experiences. As a girl growing up in Jackson Heights on Wilder, she witnessed a family losing their home. Their belongings were placed on the curve. The Mother was digging through their things with tears in her eyes, the father pacing, yelling, filled with anger, and embarrassment. Their three small children stood by crying, terrified and confused. A person who held a Real Estate and Mortgage Broker’s license had refinanced several families’ homes using predatory lending practices, thus ending in foreclosure.

Years later, at the age of 15 she accompanied her mother to a real estate closing. As a joke, the closing agent asked her to read the legal description. Confused and fearful she decided then to focus on real estate laws, and investment strategies. Real Estate is the foundation for generational wealth and Social Mobility.

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