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Who Says Politics and Good Times Don't Mix?

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

G.A. Hardaway, the State Representative for District 93 in Tennessee, newly elected Memphis councilwoman Pearl Walker for District 3, the Mayor of Walls Mississippi, as well as the newly elected Mayor of Memphis Paul Young were in the mix at this year's Christmas gala held by lobbyist Ron Redwing. The soiree is an annual benefit that combines holiday spirits, with office politics, entertainment and hand shaking. The affair was held at THE KENT, a new venue positioned on the northside of downtown Memphis near Harbor Town. If you are somebody, you were there, so of course I was there because in the words of Jesse Jackson, "I am somebody!"

Daryl Johnson and St. Rep. GA Hardaway

Representative Hardaway is well respected in the Tennessee community but most notably in Memphis. I'm proud to say, I was raised around G.A. Hardaway and he is from good stock. The Hardaways were quite the movers and shakers. G.A. lived on Worthington right off S. Parkway E., next door to Rev. Ezekiel Bell (Parkway Gardens Presbyterian Church), right across the street from Rev. Kenneth Whalum (Olivet Church) and up the street from Jack Simmons, real estate guru. G.A. was surrounded by men of distinction and has ultimately become one himself.

TammyBay Tammy and Councilwoman Pearl Walker

Pearl Walker attended Fairley High School with my wife, Tampa Bay Tammy, and is a graduate of University of Memphis. While she is new to being an elected position, she is not new to politics. As founder and Executive Director of the 'I Love Whitehaven Neighborhood and Business Association' the citizens believe in her ability to bring Whitehaven back to its prime. In the past few weeks, I have seen Pearl Walker at three events and with my being on the outside looking in, I can see she is well respected amongst her peers.

Mayor Keidron Henderson, Walls MS

Keidron Henderson, the Mayor of Walls Mississippi, a small town south of Memphis was in the mix encouraging others to take a look at his municipality for business or residence.

While I didn't get the chance to meet Ron Redwing, I have heard great things about him and his organization. The Redwing Group and 100 Black Men of Memphis presented Memphis Mayor elect, Paul Young, with a check for $15,000 for (JIFF) Juvenile Intervention and Faith-Based Follow Up, whose mission is "To break the destructive cycle of juvenile crime through Christ-centered intervention."

Tammy and I are reacclimating ourselves into the Greater Memphis scene. Join us and stroll through the photos below.

By: Daryl Johnson and Tampa Bay Tammy

Thanks Representative Hardaway for additional photos.

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