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Donald Trump, You're Fired!!!

Updated: May 5, 2023

Republicans stayed true to themselves and clearly voted Republican - just not for Trump.

It's refreshing to see what the new Presidency will look like to the American people. The White House will go from a predominantly white administration to a rainbow coalition.

The administration under Trump appointed as many White men into positions as they could with no new opportunities for women or people of color. Of the 196 federal judges that he appointed, not one was a person of color or a woman. What a damn shame! There was an influx of retirements from good men and women across government, including the FBI, State Department and CIA who could not sit by silently taking orders from a self serving, compromised President.

However, to God be all the glory. former VP Joe Biden is now President-Elect and Sen. Kamala Harris is now Vice President-Elect of the United States of America. They will now build back better, where access to the political reigns is within reach to all American people.

The economy may not take shape until 2023, but I expect Mitch McConnell to work across the aisle in passing legislation that is good for the American people. If he does, it will confirm for all that race was the issue during the Obama years and not political affiliation. It will be time out for racist overt/covert actions while using Trump as a distraction to cover their dirt.

One of the lesson that we can take from this election is America is still very much split in their morality when it comes to people of color and it showed in their vote. While some preferred hiding behind their desire for white supremacy with silence, others openly voiced their support for Black family members and friends by marching and speaking up for equality. They were instrumental in empowering the social justice movement.

We have proven how powerful we are united. A Black man from South Carolina, Congressman Jim Clyburn, brought Biden back from the brink of defeat during the primaries when he endorsed him to the American people. When Biden selected his strongest primary debate contender, Kamala Harris, it was the catalyst that helped to carry him forward.

To my Black sisters that brought the Democratic electorate to push Joe and Kamala into the White House, I salute you! Black women have taken center stage in the political arena of American politics often times without the support of some chauvinistic Black men. Just a note to these brothers, it's our women that support us and they damn well deserve our support!

Now the real fight starts! The Electoral College needs to do their job on December 14th to confirm the vote. Georgians are in for a fight for the Senate and there, every vote matters. Lastly, the American people spoke loud and clear, Donald Trump, you're fired!!

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