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TOBA Leadership Institute Selects Leaders for 2022

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

The Tampa Organization of Black Affairs (TOBA) is solving social injustice through leadership development. The 501(c)(3) nonprofit was founded in 1979 to address the Black community’s special interests in the areas of the political process, education, social matters, and economic empowerment. Forty-three years later, it is adding corporate leadership to that list.

”Attracting young, talented professionals and holding focus groups are only part of the solution,” said TOBA Board Member and Chair of the Leadership Institute, Gary Hartfield. “We have to prepare our employees to intentionally identify and solve various issues facing the black community in a meaningful manner.”

TOBA implemented a leadership development program to help address these needs: the TOBA Leadership Institute (TLI). Launched in Spring 2020, the TOBA Leadership Institute exists to inspire, empower, and prepare a new generation of leaders who can improve black communities.

Twenty four candidates between the ages of 21-50 attended the Leadership Institute, where they are privy to professional development, leadership training, community engagement, networking opportunities and historical insight on the Black communities of Tampa. Not pictured is Rugina Castillo.

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