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The Southern Border Crisis

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

By: Andre Jackson, AJAX

Anybody who has been watching the news over the last few weeks can tell you- we have a problem on our southern border. And the politics of it all are unavoidable. Because The Obama Administration didn’t fully address it or fix it, The Trump Administration didn’t fix it and in many ways exacerbated it with some harsh language and even harsher actions taken. And now The Biden Administration is struggling to come up with some happy medium of humanity and restraint while also holding onto a sense of Law and Order.

What to do….? Here’s what you do.

See, the problem with how The U.S. tends to deal with these kinds of problems too often is we want to always save face, always approach these kinds of problems unilaterally and always worry about what the other political party will make of it in the news cycles to come. What we have to do is realize that very often the answers, at least in the way of an approach anyway is to do just like corporations would do… call in a consultant.

The United Nations should be brought in immediately. This is not a sovereignty issue, it is a Human Rights/ Human Dignity issue. Just like so many of those we see on the news somewhere over there. But if we brought in the UN, set up meetings with them and Mexico primarily, and then including the other members of The Central American Northern Triangle- Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, we could work to address what’s going on and how it looks… to both our major political parties and the rest of the world.

I think if you set up a demarcation zone of say a mile from both sides of the river and patrol it with UN forces, who are instructed to detain, house and transport all these migrants, you get to a workable solution more quickly than simply trying to go it alone. It would also be a way to hold everybody- The US, Mexico and the other Triangle countries accountable by putting them on center stage and having them regularly report on their individual processes and progress.

The ultimate goal is going to have to be establishing and supporting governments that can support, house and defend itself so that the migrants don’t want/need to leave. Until then, there’s got to be an all hands on deck approach to get to that.

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