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The Soul of America

Joe Biden has had a long time to think about the things he would like to accomplish as president and is now putting them into action.

VP Harris, President Biden and former President Obama. APPhoto/Carolyn Kaster

Let’s talk about Joe Biden the man. President Joe Biden, the oldest President in history, stumbles, stutters, nods, trips, falls, and anything else you could think of, but I like him. He’s a husband, father of 4, grandfather of many, a college graduate and a 36 year seasoned Senator of Delaware. Sadly, he was a widower, and a father who endured the daily stress of a child serving in the military. He is a man who has remarried well, to Dr. Jill Jacobs. Furthermore, he is a man like me, who knows the pain of burying their son. Fortunately for us, all these roles bring trials and tribulations which develop character and integrity in a man, qualities I feel a leader needs.

During Biden’s tenure as a U.S. Senator, I’m sure he has made some good and bad decisions and has supported some good and bad legislation. It comes with the territory. However, with age comes wisdom and it ain’t over until the fat lady sings.

President Biden has actually had to come behind the worst President ever, from the disastrous years of a self-serving narcissist. The former President followed none of the rules of protocol and displayed the ways of a gangster running amuck in the White House. Now, the former President has been revealed as stealing highly classified documents leaving us to wonder if they were taken for nefarious reasons or for his friend, the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

America was considered the leader of the Free World. We were respected globally for the way we handled democracy. Now America is teetering on just holding on to third place, not third world, all because we had a soulless selfish former President. When Barack Obama was in the White House, he brought something that Black folks call soul. Soul was on front street for the world to see and President Barack Obama had the wisdom to choose one of the most soulful seasoned white guys he knew, Senator Joe Biden. Now our current President and ex-Vice President is out to bring back the soul of this nation. His most recent speech, Soul of America outlines just how he is doing it.

Joe Biden was cool 40 years ago and is still cool today. Black folks place a lot of stock in one’s ability to dress, speak, dance and mingle. Joe Biden met all those benchmarks. Hmmm, I’m not sure about dance, but three out of four ain’t bad. President Joe Biden is doing things in his time and I believe he is praying about them. He is not rushing anything and is believing and speaking into existence the things he believes. America is and has always been, a soulful nation, a melting pot. Now his wisdom and character is on full display.

The soul of this nation has grown into this middle aged democracy from the sum of all its past. If you’ve ever asked an older Black person if they want to go back to their youth, nine times out of ten they will probably say no and maybe even a hell no. Why? Because ‘age knows and youth supposes.’ Not sure who said that but it’s appropo here. Age generally brings on wisdom and President Joe Biden is showing just how wise he is. Imagine America going back to it's youth. Yeah right, that’s not even an option. While 2024 is just around the corner, let’s hope his VP pick can follow his footsteps and become President. Kamala 2024!!!

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