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The Color of Wealth

What color does wealth look like? Just take a wild guess. Is it green, black, white, blue or gray? Maybe it’s yellow or red? How about neutral? Yep, neutral is the color of wealth because wealth has no color. All races, regardless of color, look for wealth through different perspectives, prisms and possibilities with the end result being the color of money and here in America, is green.

Gary Hartfield of Tampa, Florida held his ‘Color or Wealth’ Symposium recently at the Shriners Hall in the Palm River area. This venue is quite nice and the event was sold out. People of all colors came out to listen to his panel of SME’s (subject matter experts) on how they created wealth for themselves.

A panel of ladies, from 30 to 60 years of age adorned the stage, all with tidbits of financial wisdom and information that the audience could use and digest. Following the ladies was a panel of men from 30 to 40 that also left their tidbits of information on attaining and maintaining wealth in today’s times. Some were professional athletes, financial analysts, and entrepreneurs that imparted really good information on the importance of creating legacy wealth.

Also on the stage was George Tinsley, millionaire extraordinaire that owns several KFC’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken and other Pepsico Brands. George spoke on what it takes to make, mold and maintain the right spirit to grow one’s wealth, once achieved. As many rich men have said. ‘It’s far easier to make it than it is to maintain it. And many people have said ‘if it’s that easy, show me. Well if you’re looking to grow and generate generational wealth, then keep up with the G Man, Gary Hartfield.

Gary’s primary focus is to help the African American community achieve generational wealth in the Tampa community. He is well educated and has mastered the art of making money and now wants to share his successes with those that want to succeed.

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