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The Black Family & Black Wealth

I recently read an article about the importance of understanding the connection between the Black Family & Black Wealth by Rick Wallace, Ph.D., & Psy.D. The article is an introduction to his upcoming book Chasing The Ghost: The Quest for Black Wealth. I found I share his sentiments.

My wife and I promote marriage and family through our event, The Power Couples Ball. We believe that marrying should be the goal of every soul. Parents jointly raising their children, passing onto them a legacy of wealth, health and traditional values. However, a huge problem for most Black families is the absence of a father in the home. With slavery and systemic racism, Blacks and indigenous people around the world have found themselves behind. With Share cropping being one step from slavery, whites coming in the night stealing and killing, stripping us of our land and real property, African Americans have found themselves starting over again and again. Rosewood, Black Wall Street and Tulsa Oklahoma are all historical proof of the setbacks put on African Americans and our loss of generational wealth. Re-gentrification, losing paid for homes to tax sales and predatory lending practices have left us struggling to get started. With the basic necessities of life being our daily concerns, how can we have time to dream of bigger and better when your daily prayer is to get a ride to work and to pay rent on time?

We all know the problem, hopefully we can find the solution in The importance of understanding the connection between the Black family & Black Wealth

“A part of the slavery experience for Blacks in America was the stripping away of our heritage — our values, interests, and principles (VIPs). We were taught to value what our masters valued and seek the better interest of our masters. The Black family is the institution through which we reclaim our own values, interests, and principles.

Rick Wallace explains it. The Black family is the initial manifestation of the Black marriage — with the goal being the inculcation of our held VIPs into the psyche of our progeny. When the Black family is intact, there is both feminine and masculine energy synched together to create synergy — a force that multiplies our individual capacity — developing the ability to accomplish more together than we can alone.

When the family is whole, the man is respected, encouraged, and inspired, and the woman is covered (physically, spiritually, and emotionally). And the children become empowered through a validated identity — a self-certified self-concept that emboldens them to become the best version of themselves.” GO TO get the full scope of his project to enjoy it.

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