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Tampa native Myron Williams named to BRP Group Board

Baldwin Risk Partners Group, (“BRP Group”) (NASDAQ: BRP) announced the appointments of Sunita Parasuraman, Ellyn J. Shook, Myron K. Williams, and Kristopher A. Wiebeck to its Board of Directors, effective January 1, 2022.

“We are privileged and ecstatic to have Sunita, Myron, Ellyn, and Kris join our Board of Directors,” said Lowry Baldwin, Chairman of the Board. “They individually and collectively represent the addition of new perspectives, unique life experiences, assiduously-honed business and professional acumen, and personal excellence that aligns closely with our Azimuth and further complements and accentuates the deep experience and varied complexion of our Board of Directors.

Ms. Parasuraman is being appointed to the Audit Committee, along with current member of the Board of Directors, Barbara Matas.

Current member of the Board of Directors, Joseph Kadow, will step down from the Audit Committee but continue to serve as a member of the Board of Directors and Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee and as Chair of the Compensation Committee.

Ms. Shook is being appointed to the Compensation Committee.

Mr. Williams is being appointed to the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee.

Mr. Wiebeck is being appointed to the Executive Committee.

Trevor Baldwin, CEO and Director, said “The addition of Sunita, Myron, Ellyn, and Kris to our Board of Directors exemplifies our continued commitment to attracting exceptional talent to our business with a diverse range of experiences and skill sets that will contribute to our mission of building the leading insurance consulting and distribution platform of the future.”

Mr. Williams previously served as the Sales Strategy and Sales Operations President at United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS). In this role, he oversaw data analytics, sales budget, sales compensation and performance, CRM technology, business development, sales strategy and training, process improvement, negotiations, and executive presentations. Mr. Williams has extensive board experience. He has served or serves on the following boards: the MARCH (Mutual Alliance Restoring Community Hope Foundation) Board; VisionX, a Machine Vision and Machine Learning AI Company, as an Advisory Board Member; Atlanta Public Schools CTAE Board, as Chairman; the Career Training Agricultural and Education Board; the Business Administration & Economics Board at Morehouse College; the Albert W. Smith Scholarship Committee Board; The Center for Advance Logistics Management Board at Albany State University; and the 100 Black Men Board. Mr. Williams holds a B.B.A. from Albany State University in Albany, GA, and a M.B.A. from Florida Metropolitan University at Tampa College.

Myron is married to Rose Williams.

This story taken from the Business Wire. Read full story here

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