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Roy Jones Jr. vs. Mike Tyson

What are two old school boxers doing back in the ring?

Doing what they do best .....fight, entertain and get paid!

It’s titled the Triller! Pensacola’s Roy Jones Jr. and Los Angeles wild man Mike Tyson are scheduled to fight in Los Angeles at the Staple Center on November 28th. The audience will be a closed crowd and the general public is asked to watch at Pay Per View for $49.99.

Roy Jones a 4 Weight World Champion has maintained his primary residence in his home town of Pensacola Florida. Pensacola, known for it’s pristine beaches, it’s air force base and the great athletes who continue to give back to their beloved city in different ways. Retired NFL players Derrick Brooks, Emmitt Smith, and Reggie Johnson are just a few. Roy will host an annual boxing exhibition of rising champions, in an effort to stimulate Pensacola’s economy. He is also planning to work with the city to bring an annual old school hip hop and R&B Beach Festival bringing music lovers and sports fans to enjoy a bit of the Florida panhandle. Make plans to join Roy Jones and Pensacola’s finest after the pandemic. Stay N- Touch for updates.

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