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Retired NFL Superstar Michael Clayton Selected as New Head Coach of the Plant City Raiders

What a win for Plant City!

Plant City is aggressively etching a place in the Metroplex as the real estate market broadens past the city limits of Tampa into what used to be the rural areas of Hillsborough County. Previously known as an agriculture community with strawberries being its primary crop and the Strawberry Festival being its main annual event, Plant City is stepping up its entertainment and social calendars to be more diverse in hopes of bringing more progressive thinking individuals to the area. Plant City is consciously redefining itself as a safe haven for the surge of re-locators from all across the globe.

Danny McIntyre founder of the non profit iImpactPC stated “The hiring of Michael Clayton gives Plant City a highly visible mentor for our young men and women and also provides us with someone who believes in not only creating a winning football team but also creating productive citizens.”

Companies like Mosaic and Stingray Chevrolet have been effective in bringing jobs to the area and are positioning to intercept the growth.

“School districts have always been a huge factor for home buyers. Thus an investment in retired NFL player Michael Clayton to head its high school sports department is a great economical decision. We are Banking on Clayton producing a winning team which will stimulate the interest and the economy in our safe home town community” added McIntyre.

After a championship year with Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, where he pledged Alpha Phi Alpha, Michael Clayton was the 2004 first round draft pick for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In 2006, he married the lovely Dr. Tina Wright Clayton. He went on to get his Super Bowl ring with the New York Giants.

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