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Power Couples Ball™ Postponed

We are reluctantly postponing this year's Power Couples Ball™.  We have determined that our personal lives are filled beyond our control and it would be too difficult to pull off this elaborate gala.   Some of you may know that I am taking care of my mother in Memphis, Tennessee and this is taking priority.    Power Couple of the Year 2022, Ken & Celeste Roberts, will have to carry the banner just a bit longer while completing their $23 million dollar Skills Center.  We are polling Power Couples for other dates and locations, so your input and suggestions are welcomed.   We look forward to your continued commitment to the Power Couples Ball™, your support of the Braxton Daryl Johnson Foundation and its scholarship recipients.   We are grateful to all Table Hosts for continually working to solidify their guests, sending your pictures and updating your profiles.   Until then, "Stay in Love" and let's continue, "Connecting Powerful People To Do Powerful Things."

Tampa Bay Tammy

Power Couples Ball™ 

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