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Pete Edwards Appointed Commissioner to Tampa Housing Authority Board

Congratulations on the appointment of Robert “Pete” Edwards as a Commissioner to the Tampa Housing Authority. Known throughout Tampa Bay as a dedicated and passionate community advocate,  Pete’s journey to this significant role is marked by his unwavering commitment to giving a voice to the under represented and addressing pivotal issues facing his community.

Pete Edwards

Pete Edwards, often referred to simply as “Pete,” is a familiar figure in Tampa’s community circles. His voice resonates not just through the halls of local gatherings but also across the airwaves of local radio stations, N-TOUCH Radio and WTMP. Through these platforms, Pete has become a beacon of hope and a source of inspiration for many. He uses his time on air to discuss critical issues affecting the community, particularly focusing on the challenges of housing and separate but unequal schools. His discussions are not mere commentary; they are calls to action, awakening the consciousness of his listeners and empowering them to seek change.

As a Commissioner at the Tampa Housing Authority, Pete brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the community’s needs. His appointment is a significant step towards addressing the long-standing issues in housing equity in Tampa. He knows that the challenges of housing are intricately linked with broader social issues like education and employment.

Pete’s influence extends beyond board meetings and policy discussions. He is a mentor to many, sharing his insights and experiences generously. His passion for community service is infectious, inspiring others to join him in his mission to uplift the community. His appointment as a Commissioner to the Tampa Housing Authority is not just a personal achievement but a victory for the entire community.  Pete is single and ready to mingle. 

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