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Nu Air Airconditioning Inc.

If you live in Florida, it is likely that someday you will need a repair man for your air conditioning. That day came for the Johnson household in the month of May. The air went out while we had a full house, and we were all miserably hot. We called a friend, but he was unavailable. Our situation left no room for waiting. We began to search for a new solution to our problem.

My husband remembered that he had met a businessman who seemed very professional and family oriented. He called Torrey Muhammad, the owner of NuAir Air Conditioning Incorporated. After Torrey completed his work on our home, the whole house rejoiced in cool, crisp air.

With 13 years of air conditioning installation and repair experience, this former Marine did an excellent job at a great price! Torrey holds a Bachelors in Business Administration, and he is a certified contractor for the State of Florida. Torrey Muhammad serves on the board for Southern Technical School. This community leader hopes to continue to teach young men his trade, so they will have the necessary skills and ability to support a family. Call him at (863) 370-9668

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