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Millionaire Weekend in TampaBay

Andrew Ware, aka, Mr. Tampa, brought together a standing room only event to the downtown venue Embarc Collective known to others in Tampa as the old nightclub, The Garage. The event was a book signing of the millionaire businessman, Cedric Nash.

Cedric Nash is from the state of Maryland with $90 million in assets and employs over 300 individuals. He became a millionaire by age 32 from $10,000 his grandmother left him (generational wealth). Cedric's desire is to share with the reader how to get to millionaire status using'levels'., a kind of a step by step approach. He says "If you can get control of your finances, you can choose how you live your life ".

Andrew Ware, JeyPrice, Cedric Nash

The room was filled with who's who of society's best and brightest. Tax Accountant Michelle Bradley told her story on her ascension to wealth after arriving to Tampa from New York. It was an inspiring story. Eddie Wright of Tampa Luxury Real Estate Group was in attendance as well. David Carmena, real estate extraordinaire was thanked by Cedric for his support and involvement in making the event a success.

Eddie Wright, Luxury R.E. & DJ, CEO, NTouch

It was abundantly clear that the attendees enjoyed the event because the line to buy books was very long. If you didn't get the chance to buy the book and would like to order this easy to read and well put together book, go to . Follow him on IG @millionairemoneymoves .

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