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Abortion, Use Your Vote

Updated: May 26, 2022

I must confess, as a young man I paid for my fair share of abortions. Foolish evenings of impromptu sex with girlfriends that I was not willing to commit my life to, made me re-act without ever knowing if they were actually mine or not. However, I was not willing to take that chance of being told “you are the father.” I can’t begin to imagine how it would have affected the life I have now with the wife of my choice.

Our generation was fortunate to live during a time that abortion was legal. Had it not been, there would be a lot more unwanted pregnancies out there. Grant it, there is always a feeling of remorse and shame. Then there is a feeling of relief and joy. There is a feeling of “I wonder”, and what if. But, at the end of the day you are happy that you had the choice to determine the outcome of your life. Whether or not you made the right choice, it was yours to make. If you think voting has no effect on your life... then carry on.

However, I think now more than ever, voting should be at the top of your “to do” list. Why? Abortion is at the top of their list.

If this law (Roe vs Wade) is overturned, men will be even more responsible for their actions or should we say lack of actions. You think you got baby mama drama now, just let this law be overturned and you will see what’s ahead for you and your sons. There are parents paying child support to keep their sons out of jail today.

Abortion has been focused on women, but the ramification it will have on men in today’s society can be financially detrimental. Gone are the days of making a baby and walking away as so many men did in the 70’s and 80’s. In this computerized society everything is based on your social security number. As men, we may not know what abortion means for a woman, but we do know what it mean as a man.

Here is a male perspective. It could mean child support for 18 to 21 years for an evening of drunken passion. We all were told to wear a condom and told our sons to do the same, but think back over your life at the times you didn’t. Some of you never looked back only to be summoned years later for a DNA test and back child support. Those of you without sin cast the first stone.

Why abortions? Rape and incest are at the top of the list. However, if you don’t want any children at this point in your life or to have a child with a particular person, you will be stuck with them and their family for the rest of your life anyway. Maybe you have too many children and just don’t want or can’t afford any more.

All you young bucks and old sugar daddies had better get prepared to do what you should have been doing in the first place, marrying these women. If you are not ready to be married then don’t lay with someone you don’t want. Pay now or pay later.

An overturned law could mean we may have men being forced into marriage. While I am an advocate of marriage and family, I am not an advocate of forced marriages.

Abortion has been a right in this country for almost 50 years and to do away with it now will shrink the ability of women to excel and young men to not be caught up in the justice system.

We teach and preach that abstinence, contraception and other social norms are part of family planning, yet a great majority of us have failed to follow through in the heat of passion. When I see these young men now making fatherless families, it breaks my heart. How an individual feels about a person’s right to abort or not to abort is personal but a child brought into this world and not wanted by the mother nor the father, affects our society. Imagine a world of unwanted, unsupervised children and unloved teens. Oh, not the world we are living in today, I mean the world where you have no choice, a world where the decision is made for you. Right now it’s still your choice, but If you think your vote doesn’t count, then think again.

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