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Meet Robin Lockett

Meet Robin Lockett, the past President of the Hillsborough County Democratic Black Caucus, the former Political Chair of the NAACP and the Regional Director of Florida Rising, an organization dedicated to empowering the people to fight on issues that concern the community.

Robin is throwing her name in the hat for the Tampa City Council race which will be held on March 7, 2023.

My wife, TampaBay Tammy, and I met Robin over 20 years ago when she showed up at our home in Keystone as a real estate appraiser. Impressed with her professionalism and knowledge of Tampa Bay we became friends. Robin’s past experiences and associations makes her the right person for the City council at such a time as this.

Robin fights against wrong and supports what is right. “I feel that there is always a way to resolve an issue. I also know there has to be consistency in the community.” stated Lockett. “Community involvement and input has always been important. When the community has all of the information and how it affects them, that empowers them to make the best decision for themselves.” Consistently listening, engaging, informing and offering solutions. Robin has worked loyally on other campaigns and given her time and energy unselfishly.

Robin’s wake up call came when her son said, “Ma you need to be the change you wanna see, you’ve been doing the work.” That was the encouragement and validation she needed.

Robin is Tampa bred, she attended Tampa Bay Tech vocational high school where she studied business and played basketball. She remembers when there was community engagement before decisions were made and is looking forward to continuing that process.

Robin Lockett, wants to serve as your next Tampa City Council Member for District 2 (City Wide).

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