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Kappa Alpha Psi Impacts Youth in Tampa with $80,000 in Donation to The Skill Center, and more...

The Men of Kappa Alpha Psi kicked off their 86th General Conclave Meeting in Tampa, Florida with their first official order of civic community business by presenting The Skills Center a donation.

The Skills Center, A 501(c)3, is dedicated to the full focus of creating academic & leadership success through the power of sports and is presently completing a $23.5 million dollar campus in East Tampa.

Roland Daniels, Ed Narain, Kevin Jackson, Commissioner Gwen Myers, Celeste Roberts, Grand Polemarch Rueben A. Shelton, III, Michael Debose, Tpa Polemarch, Collis Ivery, III.

The core founders, Chris Ward, John Arroyo and Celeste Roberts (CEO) have driven this foundation to success by collaborating with individuals and organizations and running their operation like a well oiled machine.

When Kappa Alpha Psi set out to find a non-profit to support, the criteria was; who is on their board, how well the company is run, how well they perform on their audits, who their CPA is, and if they fit in the overall goals of the Men of Kappa Alpha Psi. There were six organizations considered and the brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi selected The Skills Center.

Kappa Alpha Psi presented Celeste and The Skills Center with a check for $80,000 that will go towards different programs for the development of the youth but primarily it will help to infuse learning via their Academic Cafe, a new online digital tutorial that will operate 24-7, 365 days a year. No child will ever have to worry about not having tutorial assistance anymore according to Mrs. Roberts. Celeste is married to Ken Roberts, a general contractor, and they were selected as The Power Couple of the year - 2022 in Tampa Bay.

Additionally, Ed Narain of AT&T and a member of Kappa Alpha Psi, Inc (TAC) also presented a check for $40,000 to the fraternity for the Kappa’s Guide Right Program, a national foundation that serves to foster leadership and scholarship in young men of color.

The Kappas’s primary purpose is Achievement.

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