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Johnson Family Selected for Upcoming TV Show

The Johnson family was selected for the “Flip my Florida yard TV show out of 1500 entries. Sponsored by Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Florida Flip My Yard is designed to show how homeowners can create a landscape that is more in tune with Florida’s natural environment using drought-tolerant plants and water-saving techniques. The Emmy Award winning director and creator of the show, Chad Crawford, takes a film crew to multiple locations throughout Florida showcasing a wide variety of settings, including small urban developments, coastal and waterfront residences, multi-acre rural properties, and neighborhoods with HOAs. They have only 8 hours to completely flip the yard before the home owners come home for the big reveal.

Homeowners Daryl and Tammy Johnson, aka Tampa Bay Tammy were selected from a short video they did expressing why they wanted their yard flipped. They live in the Keystone area of Hillsborough County. Their yard was flipped based on the Florida-Friendly Landscaping principles developed by University of Florida’s Institute for Food and Agricultural Sciences. These principles are research based and proven to reduce environmental impact on Florida’s environment. There are 9 principles. RIGHT PLANT-RIGHT PLACE, WATER EFFICIENTLY, FERTILIZE APPROPRIATELY, MULCH, ATTRACT WILDLIFE, MANAGE YARD PESTS RESPONSIBLY, RECYCLE YARD WASTE, REDUCE STORMWATER RUNOFF, and PROTECT THE WATERFRONT. The show will air in June 2022. Go to

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