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It's A Thin Line

This is December and hate of all things is in the air. It should be over! The Fat Lady has sung! The Electoral College has confirmed that Joe Biden is the President Elect. So my question is; “How many families and friends have separated from their normal relationships and routine? What and who were they listening to?

For me personally, I have tried to understand what makes a person believe all the lies that the President of the United States continually puts out. Too many to count mind you. Inside the lies are hate filled monikers that stack on top of all the other hate filled speeches that eventually get under your skin if you’re a Democrat and into your heart if you’re a Republican. However people believe what they want to believe.

Remember when Trump won the election and Democrats were crying that the Republicans and Russia stole the election. It was just four years ago. Democrats finally settled down and accepted the outcome of the election and let democracy go to work. Democrats convened a special counsel, tried Impeachment, and a few other legally sanctioned antics but in the end, democracy played out. While those that were in support of Hillary Clinton cooled their jets and did just as Mitch McConnell suggested, they went to the polls and the voters decided. Now the Republicans and the President want to overturn the will of the voters and the media is asking the question, “when will the Republican leaders stand up and challenge the antics of the President?” I can answer that, NEVER!

We would never have thought that we are living in an era of our democracy being overthrown. Let’s just stop fooling ourselves. Donald Trump and the Republican Party are willingly defying the laws of this great republic. Donald Trump has implied that he intends on staying in the White House beyond January 20th. Who’s going to make him leave? The military, I don’t think so! He has fired anyone and everyone he thinks would enforce the law, generals included.

President Elect Biden, Please!! Though I would like to think so, I'm just not sure.

So if you’ve been listening to the right wing media, you know, FOX, NEWSMAX and that other one, then you hear all day long how the election was rigged and the presidency was stolen. By who? The voters. If you’ve been listening to the left wing media, MSNBC, CNN and N-TOUCH then you would be hearing how our democracy is being destroyed.

Imagine for a minute that Trump doesn’t leave the White House. Let that sink in. At that point, the country would essentially be lawless.

Now keep your imagination flowing. Just think how cocky the 72 million people that voted for Donald Trump would be acting. Do we really want lawlessness in our country? We’ve seen just how one man can break up families and friends to bring out the ugliest part of us. Do we really want FOUR YEARS of 72 million people bringing out the worst in themselves because that’s what 45 brings out in most of us. No matter what side of the line you’re on, that just doesn’t feel right. You know the old song, “It’s a thin line, between love and hate”. Don’t let your hate cross the line.

By The Way, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza and Happy New Year!!!!

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