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If Your Skin Is Brown, Are You White?

A commentary...

Where's the Sugar for This Spice...?

Once again Ms. Steele has defied the odds and disabused us of what we were all long ago told that girls were made of. Once again she has opened her pie-hole and allowed something of a reflexive reflux of bad judgment and poor reasoning to escape it. And yes- once again Sage has decided to go traipsing through the crowded kennel of controversy on racial-identity and vaccine mandates wearing open-toed summer sandals. And she's stepped in it big time. And why she thought it might be a good idea to in any way compare her experience to that of Barack Obama's is an equivocation I believe most could only associate while under the influence of some multi-syllabic hallucinogenic.

Mind you, I have always contended and allowed for people to identify according to their preference and experience. So if you want to be a walrus my only question would be "have you got the chops for it?" And It's only a rhetorical question... you don't even have to answer. And either way I'm not looking for a fight... 'taint nuthin' to me'.

But it just goes to show you how one's overall image can be altered according to how they are viewed-- overall. I used to see Sage Steele as attractive.... thin, or at least ultra slim, but curvy and eye-catching. But lately it's like an instance when you see Stacey Dash. For all the natural physical appeal that is evident you find that you really prefer not to look anymore. And now to top it off, Sage seems to prefer a somewhat passive-aggressive role of victimhood to recent confrontational blow-back from several current and former co-workers who have come to mistrust and dislike her. Well, all I got to say is, this Steele ain't stainless, and that role ain't blameless.

Andre Jackson - Dre'

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