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Honoring Bonnie James Glover, 10/10/1961 - 09/11/2021

My wife and best friend, Bonnie James Glover, passed away from COVID-19 on the evening of 9/11. Our sons Matt, Ben and I were able to spend her last hours with her. She lived 59 impactful years.

Bonnie and I met on a dance floor at a house party in Tallahassee at Florida A&M University (FAMU). We studied at the School of Business and Industry (SBI) under the legendary, demanding and loving Dean, Dr. Sybil C. Mobley. We became friends and enjoyed spending time together and with our FAMUly. Our friendship progressed into a relationship.

I first realized the depth of my love for Bonnie at the end of my senior year. She was a year behind me. When it hit me that I would not be with her for her senior year I cried. A lot. Bonnie just consoled me and said it would be ok.

As she was declining from COVID two Sundays ago, she calmly and strongly said, “I’m dying, and I need to speak to my sons and Rev. Taylor.” I was distraught, crying, “You can’t go yet. It’s too soon.” Again, she consoled me saying it would be ok.

There is so much to share. For now, I’ll focus on her Dreams and her Impact. In college, she dreamed of becoming an attorney and a writer. She graduated Stetson Law School (while having Matt in the middle), became a licensed attorney, clerked for 4 judges, joined the VA and led their mediation team, training hundreds of mediators. She also supported my dreams as we moved to NJ for my work at Pfizer. During that time, she raised our sons and began to write more. She made a friend (of course), Eugene Datta from India, in an online writer’s community. That relationship led to Bonnie receiving a 2-book contract with Random House. The Middle Sister and Going Down South – have been nationally recognized and GDS was a finalist for an NAACP Image Award. Her books are beautiful and powerful, just like her.

At a crossroads in our lives, Bonnie reminded me of my dream of owning a business. With her encouragement, we co-founded two. Of course, she was the heart of each.

Bonnie’s impact is tremendous. Just one example is the level of love and appreciation from her staff, caregivers and clients of our home health agency. I knew every day how much she loved Matt, Ben and I and how much we loved her. I did not fully appreciate the depth of her love and deep connection with so many others.

We celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary in June, by going back to FAMU. We reminisced, toured the campus and visited our favorite professors (Bradford and Frieder). Bonnie decided to establish a scholarship at SBI during that trip, to honor her mom and mine and to help students like us. The James-Glover Scholarship Fund will honor Bonnie’s legacy too. If you desire, you may donate at this link -

Bonnie did not want a funeral. She did want a party. For safety, we will celebrate her life virtually in October. Details to follow.

That’s all for now. Our angel will live in Matt, Ben and I forever. She taught us so much. Thanks for your love, support and prayers.

Please stay well.

Peace and Blessings to you all.


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