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Heated & Happy Harry Howard

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

In the hood vernacular...

...listening to c-span while washing dishes (yeah i do my share)...this country is flailing about like a dog in garbage...folk finna be desperate out here because the "leadership" has not I'm no economist, but Paul seems to be getting fat as hell at Peter's expense...somebody gonna try to be Robin Hood...

...but we are not entirely blameless...there was a time when somma our folk did everything for zero $$$...the infrastructure that made possible what became the world's largest economy came mostly from free labor...this country is unappreciative of the effort it takes for it to exist...service/ information careers have devalued true labor, where a skill is required...we have become more interested in being entertained & served than in the pursuit of knowledge & personal ability...what can you do for yourself?...nails, hair, lawn care, car repair, carpentry, electrical, painting, sewing, cooking, hell basket weaving...anything??...

...oan, why are our govt folk not able to fix the water supplies, roads, housing, mass transportation, healthcare, education & poverty issues?...i hear plenty of polite & carefully worded discussions lacking in clarity & substance that seem to express sincerity but somehow seem to be theater...we have elected or allowed the election of people who neither care about or reflect the needs of their constituents...selfishness & blame have supplanted empathy & responsibility...who ya gonna call?...

...well I've calmed down a helps to get this sh*t out...check on your folk cause everybody is having some mental health issues right now on top of this please don't be in such a rush to make yourself pretty again (if ever), but take this time to learn something something for & think of someone other than yourself...mask up, sanitizer up, lysol up & back the 6ft up...peace my brothers & sisters!

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