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“Greatness is Developed Not Discovered”

Stanley Gray

Being a part of an organization that has as its purpose to assist the underserved African American to attain economic equity, I am asking, what will it take for the Urban League of Hillsborough County (ULHC) to garner and sustain the financial support of the African American (A.A.) Community who support Not-For-Profits?

Not-For-Profit organizations such as the ULHC have a targeted focus and depend on the financial support of the community to sustain its Hands up and Collaborative efforts. Speaking for the ULHC we have a prospectus, a book keeper, banking relationships and are presently being audited to illustrate our fiduciary responsibility.

In the last 2.5 years, the ULHC has spent less that 10% of its donated funds on administrative fees, it has touched over 200 elementary and middle school student with its STEM programs, over 60 youth with meaningful summer internships and internships as well as providing scholarships to assist needing college students with funds to complete their college studies. In addition, in the last 6 months alone the ULHC have assisted 5 individuals to attain meaningful and merit based employment.

The ULHC’s achievements are both guided and limited by the financial support of our Community. In 2023 we have housing, mental health and social justice initiatives to execute. In all honesty, what will it take or what should the ULHC do to attract and sustain more financial support from our giving A.A. Community? Is it reasonable for one to stack the ULHC against organizations which do not have a focus on serving the underserved A.A. community for ones giving or finical support?

These shared questions are not intended to put anyone or, any organization on the spot or, to question their motivation for giving. I am asking what we, the ULHC must do to garner the support of the giving A.A. community. The truth be told, is that we have several A.A. businesses that are our all in partners but we need more. Yes, we need more to do more. Speaking for the ULHC, our best days are to come and if you would like to learn more about us, become involved with our volunteer opportunities or want to support us please reach out to us at or call us at 813-695-7422

By: Stanley Gray, ULHC

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