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Gentlemen’s Quest of Tampa Inc.

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

On Saturday October 2, 2021, Gentlemen’s Quest of Tampa Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit based in Tampa, Florida committed to helping youth become productive members of society, announced the launch of a new book, “I Am a Young Black Man” a poetry collection authored by local-area students within the program that aims to detail the experiences of Black adolescence.

L-R Sharod Ford, Caileb Harris, Ronnie Plummer Jr., Thomas Miller, Joshua Nina, Antonio Taylor, Dayvin Fisher, Donovan Terry, Keith Canady Jr., Jamari Mercy, Jaron Williams, R-2 Marcus Jones, Robert Stone, Ethan Eugene, Anthony Ezeanya, Nicolas Nina, Damani Fisher, Clyde St. Vall, Miles Jones, Jayalan Moreau, Kellen Wiley Jr., Chas Walker

Hillsborough County Public School Board members Henry “Shake” Washington and Nadia Combs came to support the venture as the young men read and shared their poetry.

“I am so proud of our students for channeling their creativity to create art that serves as a window into the nuances of black adolescence and celebrates the coming-of-age journey that so many can relate to,” said Tavis Myrick, executive director of Gentlemen’s Quest. “Our program is committed to championing student success and ensuring the young men in our community have every opportunity to excel in school and in life.”

“I am a Young Black Man” is a collection of poetry and prose that explores the joy, triumphs, and nuances of black adolescence. This compilation includes original poems written by students from Gentlemen’s Quest of Tampa Inc. This collection of poetry is a reflection of Gentlemen’s Quest’s mission to provide teenage boys the opportunity to share their individual hopes and fears in a safe environment. These poems provide an intimate perspective into the lives of several young black men as they reflect on their aspirations, self-identities, and the beautiful complexity of their blackness.

I Am a Young Black Man” is now available on Amazon and their website. All proceeds from book sales will help to fund a student trip to Washington D.C. for the Gentlemen’s Quest program that includes visits to Howard University, the National Museum for African American History and Culture, and the American Poetry Museum.

About Gentlemen’s Quest

Gentlemen’s Quest of Tampa Inc. is dedicated to helping our program participants realize their full potential as students, make positive choices regarding their academics and behavior, and equip them with the skills necessary to become productive citizens after they graduate. To accomplish this mission, we host workshops and activities that will provide students with strategies to be successful in difficult situations. Students attend meetings that are structured and targeted. The academic and behavioral progress of the students are monitored regularly. Throughout this process, their intellectual, emotional, and relational capacity expands by providing key experiences that contribute to their developmental growth.

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Media Contact

Tavis Myrick 813-443-6076

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