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Freddie Simmons is Helping Another Brother In Time

Freddie Simmons, author, builder, CEO of Burgstyle Entertainment is doing great things in his home town of St Petersburg, Fl. His new focus is building affordable homes and yes he is a bachelor.

Freddie Simmons has always been good looking, so pulling women has never been a challenge or focus. In fact, women were always throwing themselves at him so I guess that’s why he never saw a reason to commit to just one. Smart, charismatic and a natural born hustler, he found himself on the wrong side of the law. It has been said, “the down fall of too many men is the upkeep of too many women.” This appeared to be the case with Fred

back in the day when everyone wanted to be a rapper, Fred was the head of a rapidly rising group out of St. Petersburg, The Luciano Family. Promoting concerts and performing with well known Artist was his way of easing into the entertainment industry. Doing business with him was always a pleasure because he always paid on time and was never short.

Now he has gravitated from repairing homes to building homes and his focus is on the African American community. Fred recently ran a contest and the winners received a new paint job, new shutters and some fresh landscape.

“With the holidays approaching, I often reflect on those years I was on the other side of the fence. My families support and visits held me down for all of those years” reminisced Fred. “Remembering the way it felt to walk out in that visitation room I decided to put a smile on some inmates face.

So on December 24th, he paid for a 59 passenger charted bus to go to the Coleman prison complex so those who don’t have the means of transportation can visit loved ones. First come first serve. If you want to know more about Fred get his book. Some of the events are fictional but it is a good read.

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