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Floyds’ Flashbacks: Keep the Faith

By: Floyd Smith

Before there was any idea of COVID-19, there was I, Floyd Jerome Smith, one year ago, June 18, 2019, entering into the emergency room at the Medical center of Trinity not knowing that my life would change drastically. I knew I wasn’t feeling well but I didn’t know how severe the issue was. Doctors said I came in with double pneumonia and I was operating only off of 15% of my lungs. My chances to live was very slim. From that point, I entered into a coma for approximately two weeks.

Little did I know, God had already told my sister Kimberly Morrissette to drive 10 hours just to come see about her brother. After seeing me in the image above, She then called the family to Florida to let them know of the my situation. The doctors told my parents, Willie Floyd and Fannie Smith to get things together to prepare for my funeral because there was no chances of me living.

From there, The family then went into prayer mode. They shut me in my room in ICU, anointed my body and began to praise God for what he was going to do. Within moments, I started to wake up. I was weak and confused but somehow God spared my life. They even surgically implanted a trachea in my throat. I was unable to speak or sing at all. To me, the road ahead would be very long but hopeful.

I stand today, one year later, to let each of you know that God can bring you from the brink of anything regardless of how bad it gets. God took 15% of my lung function and brought me back to life. It was nothing I did so special but he used me to show my family, the world and myself that He is a HEALER. Later, the trachea was removed within two weeks. I went home after over a month in the Hospital to recover.

So hear me and hear me well, God does exist and He is stronger than you and I could ever imagine. I thank Him for my life, my health and my strength. I wouldn’t be here without Him.

In this pandemic I’ve seen so many die and suffer but I know God is in control. You and I have to step back, serve Him and watch Him move.

Hats off to my Family, friends and the staff at the Medical center at Trinity. I’m alive and I thank God for the experience. This new chapter will be greater than my past. God bless.

Floyd Smith is originally from Scooba Mississippi. For years he served at Bible Base Fellowship Church under Rev. Arthur T Jones as their Graphic Designer and Praise & Worship Leader. He was fondly called “Flava Floyd” the hype man Floyd Smith and is a very intricate part of the N-Touch Family

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