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Dear Covid Vaccinated

Dear Girlfriend,

Even though my husband and I are not of age to get the Covid vaccine, I was blessed to get it when I took my parents to get their second one. My husband has not gotten one and does not want to take it. I got word that it may soon become available to those 50 and over. Right now, if you go and wait until everyone is vaccinated you may be able to get what is not used. I informed my husband and he responded he was not taking that sh*t. We have argued and debated but he stood strong with his decision. I was so looking forward to Easter dinner with the family. Is there anything you can truly share with my husband that may help me push him to take it when it becomes available?

Covid Vaccinated

Dear Covid Vaccinated,

Why are you arguing over what is not even available to your husband yet. You should be enjoying each other’s company... making love, but instead you are arguing over what has not even happened. Girl get your mind right. You are putting the cart before the horse. Stop arguing over what is not even an option. Always share with your husband whatever you find out and continue to allow him to have his opinions. Know that opinions do change everyday.

Everyday, things change and people change and what you will do today, you may not do tomorrow and vice versa. Respect his thoughts and his position and just continue to let him know you would like him to take it but it’s his decision. Everyone likes to think they have choices and control of their lives.

None of us are omnipotent and omniscient, knowing without a shadow of a doubt, what the future holds. The Bible says “be anxious for nothing.”

Why does everyone seem to think they have the right to tell others what to do and how to think? This is the first break down of a relationship, marriages included. People are in situations living their lives to please others and never themselves. When a person does not have the opportunity to make their own decision they often live with regret, wondering “what if” when things do go wrong, blaming each other. We, as spouses, have to stop that. We must live and let live and allow others to have their own opinions without getting angry. This is why a lot of people don’t choose to get married. No one wants to argue every day about what you think they should be doing versus what they want to do. I believe everyone deserves to make their own decisions and choices about their life. Live and let live.

Marriage is not ownership, it’s companionship and everyone wants to be respected, especially in their own home. If your husband doesn’t want to take it, there should not be an argument. The more you fuss, the more reasons he will find to defend his position. Everyone is different, down to their blood types and underlying conditions. So let it play out, you’ll be surprised to find out how time may change his mind or confirm his decision.

Years ago I took Phen Fen for a radio campaign and I lost weight. While some other hearts were affected and a few died and had a class action lawsuit, but it was good. I was also told to take Metformin about 4 years ago. I reluctantly took it for about 2 weeks and quit. I was told by my husband, friends and family “Tammy, take the damn medicine.” I made my own decision to not take it and now I hear attorney advertisements for a lawsuit stating “.... if you took Metformin call...” Now everyone wants to say I didn't tell you to take it. So my position is go ahead and get your second shot and lead by example. Allow him to make his own decision without harassment. Plan your Easter dinner outside with your family. Simply require a mask for the safety of your husband and your unvaccinated guest. Make this Easter the best ever because we never know what tomorrow holds.

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