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Daddy O's Patio

In all of Ybor City, there are not many restaurants that have an outdoor patio. Many use the sidewalk with a couple of tables and chairs tight up against their wall. Only at Daddy O’s Patio, can you truly enjoy the outdoor dining experience of Ybor City’.

Located at the corner of 7th Ave and 19th Street, Daddy O’s Patio brings on the new flavor and vibe of the young at heart, the Madison Brothers! Richie and Dred are the sons of two very popular entrepreneurs. These two young men have traveled the world doing music and enjoying fine dining, and are now bringing to you a dining experience like none other in Ybor. I stopped in on them just before their Grand Opening to taste one of the dishes. Of course I made it easy and ordered a Cheeseburger with fries and a Corona. They delivered a quarter pound of fresh ground beef, cooked and seasoned exceptionally well which had my taste buds dancing on my tongue. Talking about Fresh. I was so comfortable I stayed to enjoy a cigar and a shot of cognac on the patio as I people watched taking in the new flow of Ybor City.

Inside of this spacious, well decorated venue is two well stocked bars, a stage and seating for 150. As with all new businesses, starting up can be difficult and following the 2020 Pandemic, we know all too well what that challenge brings. We have heard over and over how the restaurant industry needs our support so here’s your chance. Only thing is, they are booked a month out already so get your reservations in early.

What I also liked about Daddy O’s is the parking in the back and on the side of the restaurant as well as a pull up and drop off in the rear. The rear also has a patio area so just know, this place is laid out. If you are looking for a place in Tampa’s historic Ybor City to meet and enjoy family and friends this is it!

Sit out or Come inside to Eat, Drink and Vibe @ Daddy O’s Patio.

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