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Coz' For Concern

Look, whatever you think about the Bill Cosby situation is how you feel… in a lotta ways I don’t even care because after so long a subject as this being out there, surely by now you’ve dug in your heels one way or the other. And that’s cool- ain’t gonna change nuthin’ anyway.

But here’s another way to look at what just happened. In 2018 Bill Cosby was sentenced to a term of three to ten years on sexual assault charges.

Cosby being released from prison. photo-LA Times

So, upon being released the other day he had actually served two years and nine months of that potential 3 to 10 year sentence. So… what do you think the chances are that he was going to be released in a few months anyway- having served the minimum of the prescribed sentence. I think pretty good, given his overall standing, age, health, wealth etc.

C’mon now… please don’t bring me the- “all that shouldn’t matter” bull. Most of the people inside my sphere of influence, experience and connection are old enough to know that, while being morally correct, it really only applies for about 98% of us. And that there is and always will be a two percent group for which the regular rules simply don’t apply. Never have, never will! And, that’s in any society worldwide. I always chuckle when I think about how Will Gardner (from- 'The Good Wife') in choppin’ it up with a group of fellow lawyers concerning the age-old question of ‘what it’s all about’ replied- “I always thought the name of the game was to die with the most money”. And as crazy as that sounds, the list of those in hot pursuit of just that goal are the ones who have their hands firmly fixed on the ‘joy-sticks’ of this pin-ball game we all play.

All that said- if you’re still mad at The Coz getting out, think about this. How mad you gonna be when he seeks some form of monetary reparation for the time he did spend locked up on a charge that, according to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, should never have been brought in the first place? Talk about ‘the elephant in the room’- that’s gonna be ‘a herd of a turd’ when it drops. Then those sixty-some ‘victims’ will surely need something to deal with all the penned-up angst and frustration. I mean- what do you do then? Here’s a hint- don’t let the answer be quaaludes, I can tell’ya that much. But maybe instead… a coke and a smile just might do the trick.

By: Andre' Jackson - AJACX

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