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Aspiring Fashion Designer Lavette Jones

Sixteen year old, Lavette Jones is an aspiring fashion designer with a desire to give back to the community. Lavette is part of the Designer Kids Project spearheaded by Nicole Butler.

This young fashion designer decided to create a beautiful couture level, custom made dream dress for a teen girl. It is believed that it would make her feel special and help build self esteem and it did just that.

Lavette met with the teen girl and began creating the dream dress. Hours of work, meeting

with Butler, and raising the money to buy supplies consumed the designer and then Covid-19 almost brought the dream to an abrupt end.

Proms were cancelled across the country, but the designer continually worked to get the dress to the teen for an impromptu photo shoot which gave the teen a reason to celebrate and brought satisfying closure to the project.

Covid-19 stopped the event but not the process of giving back.

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