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Alan “DallyBoy” Perry Wrote A Book

If you have an incarcerated family member this book would be a perfect gift Alan “DallyBoy” Perry has been reading and writing for the majority of his life. He became attached to reading at the early age of ten. It was a requirement of his mother that he read daily, and it was during those early years of his life that he discovered the ability of using the books he read to escape his poverty ridden childhood.

Alan read and memorized every childhood book he could get his hands on, and would imagine himself as one or more of the characters and get lost in the stories. At the age of sixteen he started writing poems and lyrics, and would sometimes read them to family and friends. Like so many other young boys in his neighborhood, he soon found himself caught up in the street life, and eventually, incarceration.

It was during those periods of incarceration that he started reading various books and teachings. He would read a different book every few days. He also started writing books, but never published any. He did it as a hobby and as an escape from his current situation that was created from his disadvantageous past conditioning. He also furthered his education and acquired his GED during incarceration. Also, around this time he’d became more determined and bound with his writings and developed an infinity to rap music

. During the mid-90’s, while incarcerated, he started new friendships. It was through these

friendships, specifically with two fellow inmates, that led them to form a rap group called XKONN. By the late 90’s, and by the time all three men were free, they released the independent album “Tearz of Anger”. At this time, he was now writing lyrics and creating stories daily. His passion to create had magnified. Soon the group had its own record label “Lower Level Enterprise” and another album titled “10-20-Life”. By now, not only was he writing lyrics, but also small potential movie scripts and videos. However, he had not escaped his childhood completely and two consecutive parole violations sent him back to incarceration two more times. Finally, with it all behind him, he started writing again. He also attended St. Petersburg College and acquired his degree in Digital Media/Video Production, where he graduated with honors. Now, writing videos and small scripts under DallyBoy Filmz, lyrics under DallyBoy Musik, a number of incomplete books, as well as with his own media company “Digital Bounce Media”, he felt the need to bring this book into existence, and to become a noted author.

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