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Christmas Not Cancelled

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Dear Girlfriend,

It was my sister’s year to host Christmas dinner at her house. However she sent a text to our mother, my brother, her children (who all live in the area) and mine who live out of state saying Christmas is cancelled, without speaking to me or my brother. Well Christmas may be cancelled for her but not for me and my family.

Thanksgiving we made a joint decision not to get together but I am celebrating Christmas with my immediate family. My daughter and her husband whom I haven’t seen in a year are driving in with my grand baby. My son is flying in and staying through New Years. I immediately called my sister and told her that Christmas may be cancelled for her but not for me and mine. And that I will be having Christmas dinner at my house out on the patio. She became enraged and said that it was quite irresponsible of me. She is the oldest and I am the youngest. She is always trying to tell me what to do but I really don’t need her advice, if anything she needs mine. I get her not wanting to host christmas in her home. It’s smaller than mine and there would have been about 15 of us in there together with her children and mine.

My mom is 66, stable, healthy, lives alone and drives. I feel she can make her own decision. She has not said anything yet but she always tries to keep the peace but tends to cater to my oldest sister who always has a problem. My brother and I usually go along to get along.

I am going to call my mom and tell her my decision and let her make her own decision on what she wants to do. Am I wrong? Do you think I am acting irresponsible?

Signed, Christmas Not Cancelled

Dear Christmas Not Cancelled,

Well if you are wrong, I am wrong too. I too am hosting Christmas dinner at my house for my immediate family. There will be 8 of us outside on the patio. I am setting up an outdoor TV and a fire pit in case it’s cool. I am so looking forward to making it the best Christmas ever in spite of COVID.

When I go to the grocery store or Christmas shopping, I try to get in and out as quickly as possible and to talk as little as possible. I have consciously passed on attending my friends indoor get togethers to avoid long time inside exposure to others just so I could have this time at Christmas with my family.

Of course we will be wearing a mask and taking temperatures. But if there is a high temperature I will go right into momma mode using every bit of knowledge and

remedies at my disposal. We will spread out while eating and wearing a mask when playing games or when in close vicinity of each other. There will be no close facial interactions such as kissing and face hugging and there will be a lot of teeth brushing, gargling and washing of hands. We will try to be as careful as we can, but we will love on each other verbally and try not to be too fearful and anal.

I have done my share of traveling and going since this pandemic started. More than some and not as much as others. However, if you actively plan to have 15 or more people inside your home I would say, yes that’s irresponsible. But I believe that we all should live and let live. We are all old enough to make our own personal decisions but realize decisions have consequences. Enjoy your holiday, stay safe, wear your mask and practice social distancing.

Happy Holidays!!

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