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My fellow citizens, it saddens me to inform you that the Saturday Morning Breakfast Group (SMBG)has lost a dear friend and brother, Eddie Adams, Jr. As you know, he stood alone in his political convictions while being unapologetic about supporting all things to better the lives of Black people.

Eddie Adams, Jr.

Eddie was a founding member of the Saturday Morning Breakfast Group whose mission, in part, is to be positive role models of exemplary leadership for Black boys and young men to emulate.

Eddie was a proud native of Polk County and spoke often about how growing up in the “Imperial County” helped to motivate him and shape his passion for education.

Eddie worked at and retired from Tampa General Hospital where he had been serving on the Hospital Authority Board as an appointee by the Board of County Commissioners. Eddie was a loving husband to his wife Silvia. He was an architect and a politician. He often said that politics is a blood sport but he found joy in boldly standing firm on his political perspective and views.

Eddie was a warrior who also ran for congress and won symbolically for the causes that he believed in most. He was also a radio talk show host who claimed to have the number one non-Nielsen rated program “Porch Talk Radio” on WTMP 1150 AM.

Eddie Adams was and will always be remembered as a loyal brother and member of our SMBG family who as he often said, “served on 38 boards and chaired 16.” He was simply one of a kind and will be sorely missed. One quote that would be appropriate and fitting for us to say about Eddie is “We can’t choose our family members as we go along life’s way.

When it comes to who’s in our family tree, we just don’t have any say.

But if the time ever came along

and it were possible to do,

when I was picking out a brother, there’s no doubt that I’d choose you.

By: James Ransom

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