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Winning With Solar In The Sunshine State

I’ve been living in the Sunshine State for 30 plus years. The operative word is sunshine. Being north of the equator, we get so much sun that with the right technology we can harness and use that power for ourselves. It’s called solar energy. My interest in solar was sparked while traveling through the Atlanta Airport years ago. I saw a Tesla store and inquired about it.. At that time, Tesla was new and primarily selling cars but they were really selling solar power; battery run cars and homes powered by the sun. I thought if Tesla saw the value of solar, it might not be a bad idea for us to take a look at it too.

Fast forward to 2020, solar is the hottest thing since slice bread. Everyone is talking about getting solar. I did my research and found several companies and products. What I concluded is you need a good contractor that’s been in business a few years and someone that has or represents great solar products. During this Buy Black Movement, it has been hard to find someone Black in the solar business. However I found all that with Derrick Mahoney and 320

Solar. 320 Solar has been doing business since 2015 and did millions in sales in 2019.

Derrick, originally from Lake Alfred Florida in Polk County, is a graduate of Auburndale High School where he was an All American athlete enabling him to attend Tuskegee Institute. Derrick and his lovely wife, Anatra, have been married for 22 years and has 4 children; 2 girls and 2 boys. Derrick has been a business man all his life and attributes his success to the grace of God.. The Mahoney’s did very well in the legal referral business but wanted more, so he bought into and started Mahoney Solar 320 LLC. Derrick stated, “I’m always looking at new ventures and the market is constantly changing. I heard Bill Gates said anyone in solar in the next 20 years will be America’s next billionaires. So I decided on a franchise of 320 Solar.”

Mahoney 320 Solar business partner, Angela Smoot is the chief operating officer (COO) for the company and a Lieutenant Colonel in the military. Their goal for the community is to help others save and make money. “You can easily make $100,000 in this business selling solar from home and 320 Solar will teach you how to do it, if you aren’t afraid to sale,” said Mahoney. “We will train you and give you the knowledge you need,” added Smoot.

“If you aren’t selling at least 3 sales a month then we don’t want you. Anybody can do that!” professed Mahoney.

Serving the Tampa Bay area, the training is offered every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 11am to 3pm at their Brandon office located at 234 Oakfield Drive. There is no cost for you, but you do need a laptop or computer. If you don’t have one now, within two weeks of the ride along training you will be able to purchase one after your first sale. And don’t worry about your past mistakes or background check. Come win with us! One deal is worth between $2000 and $4000.

Solar is the great equalizer with the power companies. There is no out of pocket cost to install solar on your home and a major benefit as a homeowner is you get a 30 year warranty on your roof and $7 a month as a light bill. . If interested in buying Solar for your home or starting a career in selling solar energy, call 320 Solar at 1-844-320-7652 727-226-7198. or email

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