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Power Couples Celebrate Life, Retirement and Each Other!

Judicial reporter and Miami native, Barbara Days celebrated her husband, FAMU alumnus Paul Roberts’ retirement at the Temple Terrace Country Club on Sunday, July 9th.

Paul was a property manager for AT&T and retired after 30 years of service. He stayed on longer than planned to help maintain his region during the pandemic. Paul was born to a military man who has lived all across the country. His overall steadfastness to duty, loyalty and work ethic is worth emulating.

Barbara Days Roberts, aka, the beautiful Barbara of the Bay, hosted the event in grand style. Retired administrator and sister in law of the honoree, Jestina Cox, delivered a sincere yet comical adaptation of the poem “The Creation”. Paul was spoken highly of by his friends but most notably the men in attendance. Said one attendee, “It was really great to see the Black men that stood up to speak on his half so eloquently. It was a true testament to the type of men Paul and Barbara associate with.” Seeing the older men demonstrate what grown men look and talk like was very inspiring. Men with retirements has always been a struggle to attain in any community, especially in the black community. The younger men in the room all had jobs that provide retirement accounts.


Dr. Brenda Walker Esquire, Dean of Affairs at USF, celebrated her husband, the legendary Rattler, Andre Walker of the FAMU Marching 100 at the Pepin Center on Thursday, July. Andre Walker has retired twice’ first from a 20 year career as a firefighter and now as a Hillsborough County Teacher.

Andre Walker of Tampa, retired after serving the teen population of Hillsborough County students for 22 years. Andre taught band and music at Middleton High School and was over the step team and more. The students loved him. One of his students, Cedrika Spencer said, “We love Mr. Walker, he was like a father to all of us!”

Andre may have retired from the school system but not from doing what he loves most and that’s playing music. Andre plays lead guitar and other instruments but is well known for his performances with Evidence Band back in the day at the Blue Martini. His newest collaboration of musicians has been re-instituting the Mighty Good and Strong Band. Andre Walker enjoys performing and his lovely wife proudly serves as his booking agent. The band continues to play venues in the Tampa Bay area and most recently at Fresh Fridays in Tampa.

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