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N-Touch Radio Welcomes Weekly Host

Elder Larry Hordge Sr. is a native of West Tampa, FL and the host of the N-Touch News Radio weekly show, “Stay in the Word” airing every Tuesday at 5pm. His Florida roots lie deep as an alum of Howard W. Blake High School class of 1970 and Florida A&M University, where he joined the FAMU Marching 100 Band.

In 1988, Larry Hordge Sr. began his sworn career as a St. Petersburg police officer. He was promoted to sergeant in 2001 and retired from the police department in 2016.

As an officer, he was among a few who made a remarkable difference in one of St. Pete’s most troubled neighborhoods in the early 90’s by participating in a community policing initiative called the PRIDE Patrol (Police and Residents Immobilizing a Dangerous Environment). This type of policing was said to have improved perceptions of the police and decreased levels of fear. Larry Hordge then found his niche as a community police officer. From officer to sergeant, he mentored dozens of young Black men and has always committed himself to be a part of their successes.

Now, as a retired police officer, father of six, husband and Elder at Mt. Vernon Primitive Baptist Church, Larry Hordge Sr. brings a unique perspective to the table. During his weekly radio show, Elder Larry Hordge Sr. inspires and informs listeners through referencing the word of God. He breaks the Bible down line by line and makes it relevant to the times we are living in. Listeners may tune-in on their phones, computers or cars every Tuesday at 5pm by going to or visiting the N-Touch News Facebook page. Participants are encouraged to chime in and ask questions during the show live at (813) 444-9588

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